Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flower Power

Here are some darling little posies to pick. I can make them into clips, rubber bands or headbands! Brooches or Cap pins...... Infinite possibilites, colors and patterns. Just for your accessory needs!


  1. hey, found your blog from amber's. i'm a friend of hers in flag. i LOVE the these. i have seen them and want to figure out how to make them. i can crochet too, but not nearly as well as you! i'm enjoying your blog.. good for you for making it!

  2. Hi Bethany and thanks for your comment! Maybe the next time I am in Flg we can have a big crochet party at Amber's and I can teach you how to make these flowers!
    See ya,

  3. I love the hats and the flowers. But I am curious how much they are??

  4. Hi kjjaco5! I don't know your name! But thanks for checking out my blog. The hats are $25 for adult, $15 for kids and i'll throw the flowers in for free! E-mail me at ldunn@ftitel.net okay? I will be out of town til next Monday and hope to have bunches of newsboy caps on the blog, for adults and children too. The ey are made out of Vanna yarn and the baby ones are cotton.
    See ya!