Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Winter Warmers....

I am having so much fun making these wrist warmers! They take about three hours to make, more or less, depending on what I need to get started for dinner. Today was snowy and I was snowbound! So cozy and peaceful. I had a fire going and coffee in my big cup and Annie, the border collie on the sofa... and a husband who came home for BLT's and a dill pickle lunch. Anyway, I digress... These warmers are fun to make and fun to wear. The middle pair in shades of orange is for my big sister, who is really a tiny little thing, but who will always be my BIG sister. I had such a fun visit at her house, and we got so inspired just looking at each other's current projects. She is an amazing artist and is in to finding coral in rocks and grinding and polishing her way down to beautiful stones she will eventually make into jewelry. Now personally, I prefer the dustless art of crochet, but to each her own.