Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Don't Faint, I'm back!

Where has the time gone, and what have I been doing for almost two months since my last post???? I have no idea... no really, I guess I need a short hiatus from the blog. Now I'm back and refreshed and ready to crank out some summer crochet. I've finished a lovely cotton hobo, and if you want the pattern I would be happy to direct you to it. Such a fun project and you can use cheap old cotton and just have a ball with it! My sweet sister sent me the 100 flowers book and I'm madly trying to make all of the cute little flowers and veggies with my gorgeous cotton I got down in Phoenix at Cactus Yarns. Wish I had a zillion more skeins! No, that's not true. I'm working hard on my yarn hoarding. "My name is Lindy and I'm a yarn hoarder". "Hi Lindy".

Actually, just this morning I took a huge black garbage sack and was RUTHLESS I tell you! I quickly dumped a bazillion skeins into it and am taking it to the Goodwill, so some other poor hoarder can add to their stash. Also, I've noticed that somehow, mysteriously, I'm missing crochet hooks. Hmmmmmm. I need to restock. But where are they? In the inner workings of the recliner? Down the heater vents? Lost on an airplane somewhere? Who knows. A good excuse to go buy more tools of the trade. Something about a shiny new hook that just floats my boat.

Speaking of which. I LOVE Love Love my new Vera Bradley duffle! I am making it my new crochet tote. What fun to go into one of her stores when in was in San Francisco a while ago! The colors would drive you mad! Decisions, decisions. Get on her website and see what I mean. Lovely!

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