Friday, September 10, 2010

No posting in a month and a half???? What's up with that?

Gosh, so long since i've posted. Been kinda exciting around here though. Been a little busy on the home front. We came home from camping overnight in Colorado, and look what we found... downstairs flooded from a broken water heater. Since then I've had 4 different folks tell me they ALWAYS turn off their water heater if they are going to be gone longer than 24 hours. Why didn't you guys tell me that sooner? Must I always learn everything the hard way???

Any way, long story short, we have $20,000 of ruined red oak flooring and kitchen tile. SO I went down and picked out an indestructible flooring, meant for hotel lobbies and bus terminals (no, not really, but sort of). With all of the dirt, grim, sand and rocks, dog feet and muddy irrigation boots, I've given up on cutsey shabby chic and gone to industrial strength flooring to meet our needs. When the puppy gets housebroken and the irrigation season is over, I may live dangerously and put down a few throw rugs, but for now it will be no nonsense flooring. As for crochet, I'm getting back to it with some fantastic African flowers, which I will be showing off really soon. Fun to make and very versital. HOpe everyonw has been having a fun and otherwise dry summer.

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