Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Country goes to the City

Believe it or not, this once almost agoraphobic granny has finally tested the limits of her own fears and frets, and gone to NYC for a week! I know, it's much safer to stay home and crochet, but 57 must be the magic year for finding my inner bravery resources!!! So we did a bazillion things and saw pretty much everything, thanks to our Zanny tourguide, my brother in law. You name it, we saw it. I've never walked so much in my life, mostly to catch subways or walk 6 blocks home from them. 6 blocks you say, not very far. Have you ever walked 6 blocks in NYC???? Enough said.

I was so proud of the fact that :

a). I didn't freak out in the crowds

b). I didn't freak out underground

c). I didn't freak out in between tall buildings with only a bit of blue sky above

d). I learned how to quit saying "excuse me" or "sorry" when I bumped into people, because there was so much humanity, they didn't even notice

e). I could say no very firmly to all of the street vendors that were trying to shove pamphlets and such into my hand

f). I could pee in unfamiliar bathrooms

g). I stopped trying to make eye contact and smile at every person on the street and just became anonymous and trooped along. I didn't even have to be pleasant.

Always so nice to learn a bit about yourself and realize you are stronger, calmer and steadier than you ever knew!

Anyway, these are some of the pictures I took, not the typical Statue of liberty ones, but just tiny glimpses into the amazing world of NYC.

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