Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some little things I'm busy with.........

I'm busy reading all of the blogs I follow, and getting lots of color inspiration for the new year to come. Amazing how many ladies out there combine drawing, painting, crochet, sewing and all kinds of crafty things, onto their inspiring blogs. What an incredible amount of quiet brillirance is out there in blogland! This sort of thing would have colored my world so beautifuly when my daughters were little and my brains were oatmeal. I can see how many mommies carve out a few precious crafting moments whenever they can, and how it renews their soul.
I teach seniors at our local center to draw, and we have also started a wonderful knit/crochet/embroidery(any handwork really) group that's proven to be a winner of a class.

Today we are all snowbound, but I have been working on a butterfly drawing that I started in class yesterday, and I must say, I can see these drawings taking up a good bit of my time, for many days to come. Also want to get some dragonflies in there too.

The purse was a blast to complete. This one is made of Senso thread and the pattern is one of Inga Joana Mertens, that I came across on Ravelry I think....... Anyway it's free and very fun to make. I hadn't done much with all of the Senso I ordered last year from Joann's, and this was a super project for it.
Hubby is out snowplowing, home from work early because the city is pretty much coming to a standstill, due to snow. I worried about him making it home safely, because we live far out of town and things can get a bit hairy. But he's good on snowpacked roads, so he's home nice and safe.
Bye for now!

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