Monday, May 27, 2013

Back again!

Quite  a long time since my last post.  Years?........... but I guess this time of year makes me want to blog again.  Been busy with all sorts of things.  Art wise I've been creating Mandalas, which, like crochet is very soothing and therapeutic!  Also, busy with my crochet students at the center.  From the germ of an idea about, wouldn't it be fun to start a needlework group, to currently about 16 crazy gals!  It's really kind of amazing to set a goal, Because just writing it down can make it come to fruition!  Anyway, here are some of this years fun projects:

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some little things I'm busy with.........

I'm busy reading all of the blogs I follow, and getting lots of color inspiration for the new year to come. Amazing how many ladies out there combine drawing, painting, crochet, sewing and all kinds of crafty things, onto their inspiring blogs. What an incredible amount of quiet brillirance is out there in blogland! This sort of thing would have colored my world so beautifuly when my daughters were little and my brains were oatmeal. I can see how many mommies carve out a few precious crafting moments whenever they can, and how it renews their soul.
I teach seniors at our local center to draw, and we have also started a wonderful knit/crochet/embroidery(any handwork really) group that's proven to be a winner of a class.

Today we are all snowbound, but I have been working on a butterfly drawing that I started in class yesterday, and I must say, I can see these drawings taking up a good bit of my time, for many days to come. Also want to get some dragonflies in there too.

The purse was a blast to complete. This one is made of Senso thread and the pattern is one of Inga Joana Mertens, that I came across on Ravelry I think....... Anyway it's free and very fun to make. I hadn't done much with all of the Senso I ordered last year from Joann's, and this was a super project for it.
Hubby is out snowplowing, home from work early because the city is pretty much coming to a standstill, due to snow. I worried about him making it home safely, because we live far out of town and things can get a bit hairy. But he's good on snowpacked roads, so he's home nice and safe.
Bye for now!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Summer in Winter

Here's a tote I made, and the colors are perky for this time of year! All cotton. Pattern from Lucy at Attic24, the best crochet blog ever! It's a really big bag, perfect for a market tote.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Country goes to the City

Believe it or not, this once almost agoraphobic granny has finally tested the limits of her own fears and frets, and gone to NYC for a week! I know, it's much safer to stay home and crochet, but 57 must be the magic year for finding my inner bravery resources!!! So we did a bazillion things and saw pretty much everything, thanks to our Zanny tourguide, my brother in law. You name it, we saw it. I've never walked so much in my life, mostly to catch subways or walk 6 blocks home from them. 6 blocks you say, not very far. Have you ever walked 6 blocks in NYC???? Enough said.

I was so proud of the fact that :

a). I didn't freak out in the crowds

b). I didn't freak out underground

c). I didn't freak out in between tall buildings with only a bit of blue sky above

d). I learned how to quit saying "excuse me" or "sorry" when I bumped into people, because there was so much humanity, they didn't even notice

e). I could say no very firmly to all of the street vendors that were trying to shove pamphlets and such into my hand

f). I could pee in unfamiliar bathrooms

g). I stopped trying to make eye contact and smile at every person on the street and just became anonymous and trooped along. I didn't even have to be pleasant.

Always so nice to learn a bit about yourself and realize you are stronger, calmer and steadier than you ever knew!

Anyway, these are some of the pictures I took, not the typical Statue of liberty ones, but just tiny glimpses into the amazing world of NYC.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Aspen Loop Trail

This past weekend we went up to Colorado and did a great 4wheeler trip. 7 hours of bumping along, and did we ever see some pretty sights. The aspen are just starting to turn. Fun day and good friends!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Working with Color

I find that the paint samples at Lowe's are a great way to play with color. Go grab a bunch and cut out the chips. Then make combinations that please you and go get yarn to match! The great thing is, they have already put some colors together inside the folders, and I have seen combinations I never would have thought of.

The African flowers are coming along. I can tell I don't have a plan yet, but am just going crazy with the colors. I'm going to be making a purse eventually, but for now, just playing around is too much fun to stop!

Friday, September 10, 2010

No posting in a month and a half???? What's up with that?

Gosh, so long since i've posted. Been kinda exciting around here though. Been a little busy on the home front. We came home from camping overnight in Colorado, and look what we found... downstairs flooded from a broken water heater. Since then I've had 4 different folks tell me they ALWAYS turn off their water heater if they are going to be gone longer than 24 hours. Why didn't you guys tell me that sooner? Must I always learn everything the hard way???

Any way, long story short, we have $20,000 of ruined red oak flooring and kitchen tile. SO I went down and picked out an indestructible flooring, meant for hotel lobbies and bus terminals (no, not really, but sort of). With all of the dirt, grim, sand and rocks, dog feet and muddy irrigation boots, I've given up on cutsey shabby chic and gone to industrial strength flooring to meet our needs. When the puppy gets housebroken and the irrigation season is over, I may live dangerously and put down a few throw rugs, but for now it will be no nonsense flooring. As for crochet, I'm getting back to it with some fantastic African flowers, which I will be showing off really soon. Fun to make and very versital. HOpe everyonw has been having a fun and otherwise dry summer.