Monday, March 8, 2010

Where is Spring?

Okay, enough is enough! I know I should be greatful for the moisture, for our hay crop this year. I don't mean to whine. But I am so ready to smell the earth and even look at some green weeds! We keep getting little spurts of warmth, and then wake up to more snow. This of course gives me more time to crochet and draw, but it would be fun to do it outside! I keep waiting for a sunny day to photograph my new totes, but maybe I'll just do it today and settle for less drama, with softer values! Annie (border Collie) and I have been walking the road up to get the paper. It's about 1/2 a mile, all uphill and some of it, REALLY uphill. My soon to be 57 year old lungs get a huge work out. Good thing I've never smoked! At 6000 feet high, it's all I can do to get oxygen. The red wing black birds are back, and trilling up a storm, so I know spring is coming. The Canada geese are in huge V's, flying northward too. So, a little patience is needed. Just enjoy the moment and keep looking for weeds.

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