Sunday, May 23, 2010

Little Pot of Flowers

Just finished this up today. Been working on it for a while. Pattern is from Lion Brand Yarn and a freebie to boot! It's not very big, about 4 inches tall. This is actually a plant I can't kill! Bonus!


  1. These little posies are just adorable! I notice you're from NW New Mexico. Actually, so am I. I have lived in Aztec for 30 years and Farmington before that for 5. My 35 years here have been great.
    I love your crocheting and will be checking back often.
    Marilyn in NM

  2. Hi Marilyn! We live very close to each other and I love your blog! We are a lot alike too I think! To Kill a Mockingbird and Enya! Small world. I have followed Attic 24 for forever and just love her happy things. I'm making the blanket she is working on right now. That will be a big project. Hope we can make contact! Lindy in La Plata

  3. I like thoe flowers very much, they're really nice. Hugs from Sicily, Clara.