Saturday, June 19, 2010

Back To Crocheting!

Okay, the Family reunion is over and after sleeping for three days, I'm back to my work of crochet. I will think twice before commiting to feed and entertain 37 people for 4 days. Oksy, so I have to learn things the hard way! Next year I suggested we all take our trailers and meet at a KOA. Then we can each prepare a meal! Anyhoo, I just finished this basket last night. It was a freebie pattern at Hobby Lobby and I really liked working with the chunky yarn. It made up in two sittings. If you want the pattern I'll get it to you. I think these baskets would make super Xmas gifts, filled with homemade goodies. And of course I loved the red yarn, because it goes with my kitchen.


  1. Lindy, I love this basket. You said you got it at Hobby Lobby but I didn't see one there. Is it a specific yarn brand pattern? I'd love to find that pattern, maybe online.

  2. Marilyn, it is a free pattern that's posted on a peg in front of the Deborah Norville yarn. The yarn I used is from the Deborah Norville Collection Serenity. It's a chunky yarn called Berry Burst. If you want I can scan the pattern to your e-mail. I already did that to my sister! She just loved it. Very easy pattern. Let me know! Hobby Lobby has the yarn.